Evening & Commercial Parking

Evening Parking General Information

Evening parking transponder are available to persons registered for evening classes. Transponders are valid from 4pm until 7:30am the following day, Monday to Friday and all day on weekends and holidays, on Main Campus gated lots only, except the Underground Stadium, Underground Wilson and Divinity College, and unless prohibited by discrete signage.

Get the evening parking application here.

Rates for Evening Parking can be found here.


Lot M Parking

Commercial Parking General Information

Commercial parking is available to external companies and service providers working on campus. They need to have authorization in writing from a McMaster project manager or McMaster supervisor. Commercial parking allows access to an assigned gated lot (except Lot A) by transponder or pay and display meter areas with a valid hang tag. Commercial permits must be pre-paid.

No commercial parking will be issued or renewed with any outstanding citations on the account.

Daily commercial parking can be paid for at any gated lot upon exiting the lot. For daily parking outside of a gated lot, a permit for $20 must be purchased at the ET Clarke Centre and displayed upon the dash.

Get the commercial parking application here.

Authorization in writing from a McMaster project manager or McMaster supervisor must be provided to obtain commercial parking, otherwise monthly parking can be purchased for Ward Avenue. Alternatively visitor daily parking rates apply.

Lot B Parking