Online Permit Sales

Students, Staff and Faculty can purchase parking permits via our online permit sales application.

Click here to review the instructions.

Click here to enter the application.

System is offline for maintenance daily from 11pm - 12am


Q: What if I don’t have a MAC ID and Password?

A: If you do not have a MAC ID and Password you will be required to fill out a paper application and apply in person at the parking services office. You will be required to make payment when you submit your application. Click here for more information on obtaining a MAC ID

Q: Why do I need to purchase a transponder permit?

A: The transponder allows you access through the automated gate systems and is required to gain entry/exit. You must purchase a transponder permit unless you are applying for parking in a non-gated lot in which case you will be issued a hangtag.

Q: Why do I not have the option to purchase permits in any parking lot?

A: Students have the options to purchase parking in Lot M. All other Lots are designated for faculty and staff members and permits are distributed based on seniority of working years at the University.

Q: What if I have multiple transponders?

A: If you currently have multiple transponders, each time you buy/renew a permit online you must contact the Parking Office to manually add the second transponder to the new permit (or else only one will work).

Q: How can I pay for my permit?

A: All permits purchased through our online system require payment by credit card or debit card. If you wish to use a payment method other than this please fill out an application form and either mail your request with cheque or money order to the Parking Services Office, or bring your completed application to the office in person. We also accept payment by cash at the ETC office only.

Q: I just paid for my permit online, but my transponder is not working?

A: Please allow one hour for your permit to become active. If you have purchased a new transponder, it will be available for pickup at the Parking Services Office during business hours. Please bring photo identification and a copy of your purchase receipt.

Q: What if I want to pay by payroll deductions?

A: If you are an employee wishing to start or stop payment for a permit by payroll deduction, please DO NOT use this system. You must contact the Parking Services Office.

Q: I am a staff/faculty member, however the system is only showing me undergrad parking options online?

A: Employees who are also registered as students (have both an employee # and student #) - If you are using the online system for the first time, the system will assume you are a student and only offer you student parking options. You must contact the Parking Office to manually change your status to employee to have the option of purchasing employee only lots. This only needs to be done once.

Note: A levy of $14 a month is automatically applied to all on-campus parking permits in order to finance the cost of the underground parking garage beneath the Ron V. Joyce Stadium.