Regulations > Fees, Suspension & Reinstatement


  1. Citations include an additional $25.00 administration fee if the citation for an offence has not been paid and/or appealed within 10 working days (working day is defined as Monday to Friday 9a.m. to 4p.m.)
  2. If a vehicle not registered in McMaster Parking Services system and carries an outstanding balance, a Ministry of Transportation (MTO) search is required to identify the registered owner of the vehicle. The cost for this search is $25.00 and will be recovered from the registered owner/driver of the vehicle.
  3. All outstanding parking fines, fees, and interest acquired, will remain a debt to McMaster University until paid in full.
  4. To ignore  a citation will result in further fines and fees, the suspension of McMaster University Parking privileges, the tow- away of vehicle, and prosecution under the Trespass to Property Act of Ontario.
  5. All returned cheques will be subject to an administration fee of $50.00.


  1. The suspension of parking privileges applies to all vehicles of the same address and/or owner (as registered with the MTO as the suspended driver.  Suspended vehicles are not allowed to enter or park on the McMaster campus for any reason.  Suspended vehicles found on campus will be towed away at the owner’s expense and are subject to additional fines and fees. No refunds will be provided for parking fees covering period of suspension.
  2. Parking privileges may be cancelled for any of the following reasons:
    1. Non-payment of outstanding fines, parking charges or parking permits.
    2. Repeat citations or obvious disregard of regulations.
    3. Supplying Parking Services with false information to obtain parking privileges.
    4. Misuse of a transponder and/or permit.
    5. Using an altered, duplicated or otherwise unauthorized transponder and/or permit.
    6. Circumvention of parking control equipment, tailgating, manipulation of gate and gate system and failure to make payment for parking.
    7. Any abuse of our staff in any medium and format will result in the suspension of your parking privileges. No refund will be provided for parking fees covering period of suspension.


  1. Reinstatement of parking privileges for suspension as outlined in 9.01, not including outstanding fine balances, must be applied for in writing.  Security and Parking Services shall reinstate parking privileges provided that.
    1. The $30 reinstatement fee has been paid.
    2. The Thirty Day Suspension time period has lapsed.
    3. All requirements for reinstatement as determined by Security and Parking Services and the Appeals Board have been met and all outstanding fines and fees have been paid.