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  1. PARKING RULES and REGULATIONS ARE ALWAYS IN EFFECT. THIS INCLUDES PERIODS OF ORIENTATION, EXAMINATION AND RECESS.  The primary objective of McMaster University’s Parking operations is to provide a service that best meets and exceeds the needs of the University Community.  This service is available to patrons and visitors with reason to visit the University, not to the general public.

  2. McMaster University reserves the right to enforce general law at its discretion. This includes the Trespass to Property Act of Ontario and the City of Hamilton Private Parking By-law No. 01-220. The Rules of the Road as contained in the Highway Traffic Act will also, apply to the McMaster University campus, except where those rules conflict with by-laws or regulations of the University. In this case the conflicting by-law or regulation of the University shall govern.

  3. Failure to comply with McMaster University Traffic and Parking Rules and Regulations may result in fines, suspension and/or cancellation of parking privileges, as well as the tow away and storage of the vehicle at the owner’s risk and expense. Persons availing themselves of the University’s parking facilities must be in possession of a permit valid for both the date and designated lot. This may be an active monthly parking transponder, or a daily parking ticket received upon entry to the parking lot.

  4. The administration of Parking Services and related activities is the responsibility of the Director of Security and Parking Services.

  5. University parking facilities can be found on McMaster University Campus, and off site at the DBHSC, Ward Avenue and Ron Joyce Centre in Burlington.

  6. Designated parking lots can be identified by signs posted at the entrance to each lot. The core of the Central Campus is designated as a pedestrian priority area, and as such is closed to vehicular traffic. Emergency and authorized service vehicles are an exception, and are authorized to utilize this core.  PARKING IS PERMITTED ONLY IN DESIGNATED AREAS.  The University, having marked approved spaces, is under no obligation to mark all areas where parking is prohibited.

  7. The University reserves the right to reduce parking services in some designated parking areas for emergencies or special events.  A permit holder may be required during such occasions to park in a different parking area than they are assigned to. On these occasions, as much advance notice will be given as is possible, and Security and Parking Services staff will make every effort to accommodate parking in other areas of campus.

  8. Permit holders unable to find space in their designated lot are asked to immediately notify and obtain instruction from the nearest Parking Control Officer, or from the Parking Office. “Help” buttons are available at all Pay Stations and automated gates, and will allow communication with parking staff.

  9. All vehicles must be properly aligned between yellow stall delineators (yellow lines between parking stalls and those at each end of concrete bumpers, where concrete bumpers exist). Violation of this is grounds for a $30.00 fine. The fact that other vehicles are parked improperly will not constitute a valid basis for appeal.

  10. Should a motor vehicle break down in a lot other than that which a valid permit is designated, the daily parking fee will apply and a daily permit must be purchased for the duration of the vehicle’s stay. Notes placed on a vehicle will not be accepted in lieu of a valid parking permit.

  11. West Campus parking lots (Lot M, N, O, and P) are under 24 hour TV surveillance, and are kept fully illuminated during the dark hours. These lots are served by a shuttle bus, which brings patrons back and forth from the University’s main campus. This service runs from 6:30a.m. until 11:00p.m., from Monday to Thursday at intervals of ten (10) to fifteen (15) minutes depending upon considerations such as volume and weather. Service is reduced on Fridays and during the summer session