Regulations > In-Line Skating


  1. In-line skating, skateboarding will be restricted to roadways only, and shall not be performed on side walks, lawns or other areas not accessible by motor vehicles.
  2. In-line skating, skateboarding within any building of McMaster University is strictly prohibited.  All in-line skates and skateboards shall be removed at the entrance to any building.  In-line skating and skateboarding shall not be carried out on ramps specifically provided for mobility of persons with disabilities.
  3. In-line skating, skateboarding is strictly prohibited on any prepared sport surface such as, but not limited to, the tennis courts, track areas, or sports fields.
  4. It shall be noted by the in-line skater, skateboarder that the roads are not designed, built, or maintained to meet the requirements of in-line skating or skateboarding, and hence are used at their own risk.
  5. McMaster University does not accept responsibility for accidents or other consequences arising from in-line skating or skateboarding.