Regulations > Restriction and Conditions

  1. Transponders and/or hangtags are not to be loaned to other persons, or displayed on an unregistered vehicle.
  2. Transponders and hangtags are issued as physical evidence of a discrete contract, for display when entering and exiting parking lots on campus.
  3. Transponders and hangtags remain the property of the University and may be cancelled, with parking privileges revoked at any time by the University.
  4. Transponders are not transferable between persons, except immediate family members and authorized carpools.
  5. All vehicles displaying a transponder or hangtag permit must be registered under this permit with Parking Services. Displaying a McMaster University hangtag or transponder on a vehicle that is not registered to the permit with Parking Services is subject to a $150.00 fine, tow - away and immediate suspension of parking privileges.
    1. Parking Services requires that applicants show their University identification card.
    2. Applicants may also be asked to show vehicle registration certificates.
    3. The University, through its system of lot allocation, attempts to meet the needs of authorized users.  The responsibility of finding a parking space in an authorized area rests with the vehicle operator.
    4. The University assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to the vehicle or its contents, however caused.
    5. The University assumes no responsibility for personal injury, however caused.
    6. Parking Services will not issue a parking transponder/permit to a driver whose parking is suspended, who has outstanding fines, or for a vehicle against which there are outstanding parking permits and/or traffic violations.  
    7. Any abuse of our staff in any medium and format will result in the suspension of your parking privileges. No refund will be provided for parking fees covering period of suspension.