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Office of Sustainability

The University encourages sustainable modes of transportation and recognizes the need to balance the demands of pedestrians, cyclists, transit users and vehicles.

Full-time undergraduate students benefit from a U-pass program, where they have unlimited access to the City of Hamilton transit by simply showing their student card to transit bus operators. GO Transit provides frequent and direct services to campus from the Lakeshore corridor and the Highway 407 corridor. The University maintains numerous public and secure bicycle parking facilities for cyclists, and SWHAT (Student Walk Home Attendant Team) is a student program offering escorted walks home from campus. The University also subscribes to a web based ride matching program to assist people to find carpool partners to share the costs of driving and reduce the demand for parking at McMaster.

For more information please visit the Office of Sustainability website at sustainability


  1. All traffic regulations stated herein shall apply to bicycles and operators of such.  Bicycles shall not be operated on sidewalks, lawn areas, or other areas not accessible by motor vehicles.  Bicycles shall not be operated in any internal building area and can’t be stored, except in ones room or approved storage area. Parking Service rents bicycle parking space in, Cycle Safe bicycle lockers, as well as, in McMaster’s Secure Bike Storage Facility.  Bicycles must be parked in bicycle racks, secure bike storage, bike lockers or other authorized bicycle storage areas to promote maximum safety and security, while minimizing environmental damage.  Bicycles are not to be locked to or leaned against handrails, trees, shrubs, bushes or other features of the University. Bicycles found in violation are subject to ticketing, double locking, or removal by Security Services.
  2. Stunt (trick) riding is prohibited on University Property.