Transponder Information

How Your Transponder Works

The automated system is easy to use. When you drive up to and stop in front of a gate, the antenna will send a signal to your transponder which will cause the gate arm to rise. You do not need to leave your vehicle or even roll down your window. You will have to stop in front of the gate within range of the antenna. Once the system verifies your permit is valid, the gate will rise and you are free to park in any open, non-reserved, space in the lot. If you have multiple vehicles, you may choose to move the transponder from car to car or you may choose to purchase an additional transponder. Additional transponders are available for $40. You will need to use your transponder to enter or exit a parking lot on campus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Interzone Parking

Please refer to here.

Where To Position The Transponder

The manufacturer recommends that the transponder is affixed to your vehicle's windshield behind the rear view mirror. Please refer to this guide.

Lot Availability

Electronic signage will indicate parking available to transponder group and visitor group. The LED indicator next to either group will indicate if the lot is open or full. If the LED indicator reads "open", you may proceed into the lot. If the LED indicator reads "full", you must find an alternate lot, as the lot is full and the gate arm will not rise to admit you when you approach the gate.

Transponder Placement

What Is AntiPassBack?

The AntiPassBack feature for automated parking ensures that only one vehicle may use a transponder at a time. This means that once the system recognizes a transponder upon entry, the system will NOT recognize the same transponder for another car entry (and vice-versa for exiting). This prevents multiple vehicles from 'sharing' a single transponder to avoid paying for parking. It also prevents customers from using their transponder to exit the lot during interzone hours if they did not use it to enter the lot. Transponder holders must not (even in good faith) use their transponder to allow another car entry or exit.


If is your responsibility to be aware of the expiry date of your transponder and to renew it as needed prior to the expiry date. The day after expiry, the transponder will be rendered inactive and will not work at the gate. In this situation, you will need to pay for parking as a daily visitor until you have renewed your parking with the parking office.

Questions or problems?

Each gate and validation machine is equipped with an intercom which is staffed full time. Our staff will do their best to ensure your problems are resolved quickly and easily. When contacting the parking office or using the HELP button, be sure you have the unique 6 digit number on your transponder handy. As well, each system has closed circuit television feeds which are monitored 24 hours a day by McMaster Security Services.

What To Do If Your Transponder Isn't Working

If your transponder does not work the first time you use it, try these tips:

  1. Ensure the transponder is in direct sight of the antenna (the gray box mounted at top of a pole) with the suction cup facing the antenna and that it is not being blocked by anything
  2. Change the placement of the transponder on the windshield
  3. Move the vehicle forward toward the gate (your vehicle may be too far away for the sensor to read the transponder) or reverse away from the gate if it is safe to do so (your vehicle may be too close)

If the gate arm does not rise, use the HELP button for assistance. Be sure to have the unique 6 digit number on your transponder handy. You may be required to attend the parking office if there is a defect with the transponder.

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What To Do If Your Transponder Is Lost or Stolen

If your transponder is lost, stolen, broken, or otherwise rendered inoperative, attend the parking office as soon as possible and they will be able to issue you a new transponder. Replacement transponders carry a fee of $40. Lost, stolen, or inoperative transponder will be electronically disabled and will no longer work at the gate.