Student Parking


Student Parking applications can be downloaded from here.

NOTE: Applications will not be processed if there are outstanding fines against the applicant or the vehicles being registered, and/or if parking privileges have been withdrawn.

All students must have a valid McMaster ID card to be issued a parking permit.

Lot M Parking
Lot M Parking


Q: Where can I get a transponder?

A: If a new transponder is needed, these are only available for pickup from the Parking Office, Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm at ET Clarke Center #102 or Campus Store, Monday to Thursday 9am to 5pm and Fridays 9am to 4pm. If you plan to renew the parking at the later date, do not throw your transponder away and do not return it to the Parking Office. Your transponder will be reprogrammed based on the parking duration, lot preference and amount authorised on your application.

Q: Which lots are available to undergrad students?

A: Undergraduate Students working towards a BA, BSc, Mohawk College students at the IAHS, Continuing Education, IAHS, Medical, Nursing and students working towards a 2nd degree all fall within this category for parking in Lots M.

Q: Which lots are available to graduate students?

A: For this department to recognize you as a Grad Student you must be registered with the School of Graduate Studies and be working towards a Master's Degree or a PhD. All that fall within this category are eligable for parking in Lot M.

MBA students may apply for Ron Joyce Centre parking.