Flex Pass

*** Effective immediately, flex passes will be issued
with an expiry date of April 30th 2018.
The flex pass will no longer be available for purchase or renewal as of January 1st 2018. ***

To encourage staff, faculty and students to take a sustainable mode of transportation, Security & Parking Services has introduced the Flex Pass- a ten visit reloadable parking pass. Flex Passes expire 12 months from the date of purchase, and can be used for many lots on campus. For the fair-weather cyclist or the potential walker who occasionally has off campus meetings, or for anyone who drives to campus nine times or less each month. The Flex Pass provides a more sustainable option for on-campus parking.

Where to Park:
All gated lots with the exception of Lot A, Lot B, Lot D and Underground Wilson.

$110 for 10 entry/exits


  • Flex passes will only be issued to full time staff, faculty or student of the University. Any external users, such as contractors and/ or consultants, must either apply for a commercial permit or pay the daily rate for parking in the visitor lot of their choice.
  • The applicant cannot possess another McMaster parking permit, with the exception of a carpool permit. If the applicant already has another permit at the time of application for a Flex Pass, they must surrender their existing permit in order to obtain a Flex Pass. If the applicant possesses a Main Campus permit and wants to try another sustainable mode of transportation while occasionally using a Flex Pass, then their permit may be put on hold for a minimum of one month to a maximum of twelve months.
  • Purchase and/or renewal of flex passes are limited to only 10 visits per month (every 30 days).
  • Part time employees, part time students and employees working at an offsite campus location are not eligible to purchase flex passes.

How to Purchase:
Attend the Parking Services office at any location (ET Clarke Centre or Campus Store in Gilmour Hall). Make payment by credit, debit, cheque, etc.