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Alternative Transportation

We encourage faculty/staff and students to use alternate methods of transportation into campus. We have several bike rack locations and locker rental units for safe and secure storage.

CycleSafe Bike Lockers

McMaster University maintains 18 CycleSafe bike lockers which are available for rent by members of the McMaster community. One set of lockers is located on a portion of the motorcycle pad between JHE and BSB to serve the south end of campus. The second set of lockers is located near the parking lot on the north side of TSH, to serve the north end of campus. The newest addition is located on the cement pad at the north side of E.T. Clarke Centre. Rentals are $40.00/semester or $100.00 for one year. Those interested in renting a bike locker can bring their application form to McMaster’s Security & Parking Services or email to Please forward questions to

CycleSafe Bike Locker

Secure Bike Storage Facilities

McMaster maintains a secure bike storage facility on the west side of Chest New Hall. This facility can house 48 bikes, has video surveillance and swipe card access.Those interested in obtaining a parking space in the Facility can bring their application form to McMaster’s Security & Parking Services (bookstore location). Please direct questions to

Hamilton Health Science and Faculty of Health Science staff, faculty and students have access to the secure bike storage facility located on the East side of the Hospital. There is no charge, but passes are provided on a first-come, first-served basis. The facility houses space for 40 bikes, has video surveillance and swipe card access. Applicants will be contacted to make arrangements for their photo ID to be programmed with Proxima Card Access.
Please forward completed applications to: Security Services, HSC1D8 Attention: Bicycle Shelter
Please direction questions to Derek Bailey at Security Services (905) 521-2100 ext. 76159


Bicycles are recognized as vehicles under the Highway Traffic Act. All traffic regulations that apply to motorists apply to cyclists.

Bicycle Fines on Campus
Contravention of rules of the road $25.00
Failing to obey regulatory sign $25.00
Fail to yield right of way to pedestrians $30.00
Locking bicycle to location other than bike rack $25.00
Operating bicycle on sidewalk $25.00
Speeding $25.00

Prevent Bicycle Theft

  • Record your serial number
  • Save your receipt
  • Engrave your driver’s license number on your bike frame. Free engraving is available through MACycle
  • Lock bike to bike racks only
  • Use two bike locks
  • Watch for suspicious activity around bike racks
  • Report suspicious activity immediately to Security

Locking Your Bicycle

BICYCLES MUST BE PARKED IN BICYCLE RACKS! They are not to be locked to or leaned against hand rails, trees, or other features of the university landscape. They are not to cause damage to University landscape or property, interfere with pedestrian or vehicular traffic, or work responsibilities of University employees. Bicycles found in violation are subject to ticketing.

Fill your bike lock as much as possible. This helps prevent theft as tools are difficult to be used on your lock. Use more than one style of good quality bike lock. Thieves usually only carry one type of tool