Security & Parking Services


Security & Parking Services strive to provide our University Community and visitors, with safe and well maintained parking and transiting infrastructure. We are dedicated to courteous and helpful customer service through information resources, polite and knowledgeable staff, and convenient parking facilities. We encourage voluntary compliance.

We also encourage alternative means of transportation to preserve the environment. We have collaborative initiatives with the office of sustainability, such as go transit, carpool parking, and secure storage and bike locker rentals to meet storage needs for green transit users.


Parking Waitlist Changes

Parking Services has completed a review of its current waitlist process. Changes as summarized below will be made to improve service and increase efficiencies associated with the process.

Effective June 1st 2020:

There will be a maximum limit set for each list. Once the limit is reached, requests will no longer be accepted. Presently, parking lots on Main Campus are regularly at capacity during prime day time hours. In addition, a number of upcoming construction projects will take over existing parking lots for laydown areas. Due to these factors, releases in large numbers from Main Campus waitlists are unlikely into the near future. Any employees that confirmed that they wish to remain on the lists they were previously on during the 2020 update process have been grandfathered onto the list.

Positions on the waitlist will be assigned based on date of application to the list. Employees previously assigned their positions in accordance with years of service at the university will be grandfathered and will not lose their positions.

Waitlists will be updated yearly. The parking office will notify the employees on the waitlist via email that an update is required and employees will have to confirm in writing if they wish to remain on the list. The next update is expected to take place in January 2021. Please click here.

COVID 19 Update – Parking Fees Reimbursement

The University will reimburse parking fees for time impacted by COVID 19. For more information please click here.

COVID 19 Update -- Online Purchases and Renewals Suspended

Online monthly permit and renewal service has been suspended until further notice as all campus parking gates are currently up and parking fees have been suspended. If you are a DBHSC permit holder and need to continue to access this lot, please email

Change in Services – COVID 19 Update

As of Wednesday March 18th 2020, the parking office in T32 has also closed until further notice.

  • For parking inquiries please email
  • New and replacement cards will now be available by appointment only. If you require a card or have another inquiry in regards to card and/ or door access, please email
  • Please note the Working at McMaster ID cards will no longer have photos printed on them but will still have access programmed as requested by your department supervisor.
  • Lost and Found Services have been suspended until further notice.

Voice Recording at all Parking Intercoms

McMaster University is committed to fostering a respectful and inclusive workplace in which all members of the University community work, study and live free of discrimination and harassment.
All conversations on the intercom (help button at gated lots and pay stations) are now recorded for quality service and professionalism.

Parking Automation Equipment Upgrades

Over the past year, parking services has completed significant automation equipment upgrades to the to the exit lane payment stations at parking lot H, Stadium underground, Lot E and Lot Q.
The improvements now offer the customer a parking payment option of debit card and apple pay while continuing to accept credit card payment.
Parking services will work towards advancing these upgrades to other parking lots on campus.
For more information please click here.

Lot Q Construction – NF91 Delivery

Parking in Lots Q, I, M, N, P and K will be impacted by upcoming construction and large equipment deliveries to Lot Q starting the week of November 18th. For more details please click here.

Parking Services has moved to West Campus

Parking Services has moved to T32 Room 106. For more information, please click here.

19/20 Student Parking Sold Out

Student Parking has been sold out. To sign up for the waitlist, please use online sales application Employee or Student Permits.

Reminder: Retiree Parking Changes Sept 1st

Time restrictions will apply to retiree parking as of Sept 1st 2019 , for more information click here.

Internal Payments for Parking Charges -- Journal Entry Upload

As of June 1st 2019, internal payments for parking charges made by a chart field string will be processed using a journal entry upload. For more information, click here.

19/20 Student Parking Sales

Lot M Monthly permit sales for returning eligible students will begin July 1st 2019. New students can purchase monthly parking in Lot M starting August 1st 2019. For more information, click here.

Parking Town Hall - Presentation Slides

Presentation slides from the Parking Town Hall sessions are available here. To sign into your Microsoft Office 365 portal, enter your MacID followed by "" and your password.

2018-19 Inter-zone Access to Main Campus

Monday - Friday after 4:30pm

  • Access to Main Campus lots B, C, D, H, I and Stadium Underground after 4:30pm
  • No access to A, K, G and Underground Wilson
  • No access to short term parking lots J, F and Q

Weekend access to Main Campus lots B, C, D, H, I and Stadium Underground lots with above exceptions (No access to A, Underground Wilson, J, F and Q).

All transponder holders must be back in their assigned lots by 7:30am on a weekday morning or they will be charged for their time in that lot.


'Old' Transponder Exchange Deadline




Please note the deadline to exchange the old transponders above for a new transponder below at no charge is August 31st 2017. As of September 1st 2017 new transponders (below) will have to be purchased at the full cost of $40 each.


*New* Suspension of Parking Privileges for Abusive Customers

McMaster University is committed to fostering a respectful and inclusive organizational culture in which all members of the University community work, study and live free of discrimination and harassment. Any abuse of our staff in any medium and format will result in the suspension of parking privileges. No refund will be provided for parking fees covering period of suspension.

Ward shuttle bus schedule

Shuttle bus schedule can be seen here.

Where can I park?

McMaster University parking lots interactive map available here.





Bicycles must be parked in bicycle racks

They are not to be locked to or leaned against handrails, trees, shrubs, bushes, or other features of University landscape in ways that will cause damage to University property, interfere with pedestrian or vehicular traffic, or work responsibilities of University employees. Bicycles found in violation are subject to ticketing and/or impoundment that can result in a fine of $25.00

Please click here with instructions for bicycles on campus.

2017/18 Rates

For a list of our Visitor Rates, click here.



Canadian Parking Association
The Ontario Campus Parking Association


Directions to Mcmaster Campus
Ron Joyce Centre, Burlington
Hamilton Car Share
Storm Closure Policy


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