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Visitor Parking

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What To Do If You Have Lost Your Ticket

If you have lost your entry ticket, go to the pay station and touch the “lost ticket” button before returning to your vehicle. You will be charged the maximum weekday rate for the applicable lot. Proceed with payment as per directions posted on the pay station. Remove the validated ticket, return to your vehicle, drive to the exit gate and insert the validated ticket. The gate will rise and you can exit the lot.

Lost Ticket

Instructions For Rebate Ticket Usage

If you are visiting a department, they may choose to issue you a rebate ticket which can be used to pay for some or all of your parking charges. When you arrive on campus, take a ticket from the entry gate. When you are ready to leave, insert the entry ticket at the pay station, wait for the parking charge to be calculated and displayed. Insert your rebate ticket and wait for the amount owing to be recalculated. If there is any charge still owing, please pay by cash or credit card. Remove the validated ticket, return to your vehicle, drive to the exit gate and insert the validated ticket. The gate will rise and you can exit the lot.

Entering The Lot

Drive up to and stop in front of the gate. The entry station will be activated as soon as it senses your vehicle. Touch the black button surrounded by flashing lights directly below the screen. Wait for ticket to print. Once you remove the ticket, the gate arm will go up and you are free to park in any open non reserved space in the lot. TAKE TICKET WITH YOU. Do not bend or fold ticket.

Parking Enterance

What To Do If Your Ticket Is Not Working At Pay Station

If your ticket is not working, try the following steps:

  • Ensure the ticket is being inserted with the
    magnetic stripe facing down and to the right
  • Make sure the ticket has not been folded,
    creased, or bent
  • If ticket continues to be rejected as “unread-
    able”, press the help button for assistance. Be ready to identify your location to the attendant by reading the station identifier label.
  • Assistance will be provided via the intercom. If required, a Parking Operations employee will attend your location to assist

Short Stay Parking - Lots F, J, and Q

Visitors parking in Lots F, J, and Q must purchase a permit from the pay and display machine immediately after parking and it must be clearly displayed on the windshield. Short stay areas are provided for a maximum stay of 1 hour. Disabled visitors displaying a valid MTO permit may park all day with the purchase and display of a permit.  McMaster Parking Current Parking Rates


Questions? Problems?

Each gate and Pay Station is equipped with an intercom which is staffed full time. Our staff will do their best to ensure your problems are resolved quickly and easily. As well, each system has closed circuit television feeds which are monitored 24 hours a day by McMaster Security Services. Like always, they will work to ensure that parking at McMaster is safe for everyone.